Mayor’s Corner: The past is still fast

Published 10:36 am Saturday, November 12, 2022

By Leesville Mayor Rick Allen

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to compete in a vintage national cross-country trials competition and motocross race all on motorcycles manufactured before 1974. In these races there are many different classes divided by age, skill level and separated by male and female.

What was amazing is there were six men and one woman in an 80-plus year-old class racing for a championship. Thousands of people were in attendance yet not one altercation all weekend. No one had any identity problems, and no men were trying to race the women classes. As Traci and I sat at the awards ceremony and I looked around we were surrounded by legends and war heroes — we were honored just to be there.

To put the icing on the cake the event was hosted by the city of Henryetta, Okla., and put on by our friends and evangelists Trampas and Sherri Parker.

Trampas Parker just happens to be two-time world motocross champion and at age 55 the dude still flies on a motorcycle. Back in the day when these bikes were the newest technology and these folks were the most famous competitors in the world people were very different. You have never been to a event where people are so respectful and helpful. If a competitor’s bike breaks down even the guy that will be racing him is there helping get it fixed. Oh, trust me they want to win but not by technicality and if they need a part, they comb the crowd looking for it and they don’t stop until the bike is running or they find him another bike to ride.

The younger generation could learn a lot from these people but they think their way is better.

Did you know that 35 percent of young people now don’t attend church on a regular basis? But here at all the vintage races they have church service on Sunday mornings and at this past vintage national six people were baptized.

So even though they may be on vacation from their normal life they are not on vacation from God. I know a stronger commitment to God has a lot to do with the moral standards that most of our older generation have, I just want to say thank you to my elders for sowing the seed.