Christy Breaux encourages her students to be their best selves

Published 5:00 am Friday, October 6, 2023

By Emily Burleigh

Christy Breaux, 52, had great experiences while she was a student.

“I grew up with fun and inspirational teachers who made a difference.”

She has always known she wanted to be a teacher. Her inherent love of children drew her to a career where she could provide the youth with the same experiences that shaped her.

She was born and raised in Hackberry, and after graduating from Hackberry High School she enrolled at McNeese State University. She graduated with a bachelor’s in early childhood education.

She started at Our Lady’s Catholic School 28 years ago, and aside from a few breaks to stay with her own children, that is where she has been since. Her three children have also attended OLS.

Through the years, Breaux has taught at almost every elementary level at OLS, including kindergarten, third, fourth and fifth grade.

A year and a half ago, Breaux was presented with a medical challenge that forced her out of the classroom for a time; she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She faced it head on.

“I was out almost a year while I had a double mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemo, 28 rounds of radiation and reconstruction surgery.”

Breaux conquered cancer. This is her first year back, and she is facing a new challenge: second grade.

This is her first time teaching at the grade level, and she loves it. She teaches all of the subjects required for a well-rounded second grade education, including ELA, math, religion and social science.

Her favorite aspect of teaching is working directly with children and witnessing them grow.

“When you see them finally get it and enjoy learning, it is the most rewarding thing in the world

She has made it a mission to encourage agency and the desire to continuously learn in her students.

“My educator’s philosophy would be to guide students to be independent learners and desire to always be their best self.”

This teaching philosophy brings students the self-assurance they need to lead productive, bold and prosperous lives.

“Education helps the community by creating confident children in hopes for them to carry this confidence into adulthood where they will be successful in whatever they set their mind to do.”

It is paramount for educators to put children first in the classroom.

“Always do the best for them, and everything else will fall into place.”

This practice will give students the greatest gift of all.

“If you believe in them, they will believe in themselves.”