ELECTION RESULTS: All eight tax propositions approved in Vernon

Published 9:46 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

All eight tax propositions on Vernon Parish ballots were overwhelming approved by voters on Saturday. All of the propositions benefit area school districts.

A 10-year, 8.12 mills parishwide school tax proposition for maintenance and operations of schools was approved by 81 percent. The proposition received 1,335 yes votes and 321 no votes, according to complete by unofficial results by the Louisiana Secretary of State office.

A 10-year, 14.57 mills tax continuation for Picking School District 142 (Ward 4) was approved by 82 percent. The proposition received 119 yes votes and 26 no votes

A 10-year 13.83 mills tax renewal for Hornbeck School District 143 was approved by 77 percent. The proposition received 108 yes votes and 33 no votes.

A 10-year, 19.11 mills tax continuation for Ward 5 Wardwide School District 144 received 85 yes votes, or 90 percent, and nine no votes.

A 10-year, 13.24 mills tax renewal for Orange School District 145 was approved by 78 percent. The vote was approved 164-46.

A 10-year, 14.32 mills tax continuation for Ward 8 Wardwide School District 151 received 130 yes votes, or 86 percent, and 22 no votes.

A 10-year, 12.68 mills tax renewal for Ward 6 Wardwide School District 161 received 100 yes votes and 19 no votes. It passed by 84 percent.

A 10-year, 13.03 mills tax renewal for Ward 1 Wardwide School District 162 received 348 yes votes, or 78 percent, and 100 no votes.

Voter turnout was low with less than 14 percent casting their votes.