Mayor’s Corner: It’s time to believe in yourself

Published 10:44 am Friday, September 23, 2022

By Leesville Mayor Rick Allen

I heard my pastor, Mark Christian, preach a message that was titled “Things.”

When you look back on your life what things stick out to you ?

Is it all the good? Things like your family, your accomplishments?

Or is it the times that you have failed?

You know, for most of the failures you have had you are the only one who even remembers it. I find that it’s not necessary for anyone else to condemn me; I do enough of that myself — and trust me when I tell you if someone is condemning you it’s probably due to their own failures that are stuck in their mind.

I heard a wise man tell another man who was raking him over the coals as loud as he could so everyone was sure to hear say, in a very calm and quiet voice, “Sweep around your own door before you worry about sweeping around mine.” The angered gentleman turned around and walked off without saying another word.

You see we have all made mistakes, but the ones that haven’t forgiven themselves are quick to point and blame others for what they think they have done.

Today I say to you make sure you don’t let another minute go by before you forgive yourself. You will be happier when you do. It’s not my job to condemn you, as your brother it’s my job to support and encourage you.

I believe in you, believe in yourself.