Vernon school lunch menus Sept. 6-9

Published 4:57 pm Sunday, September 4, 2022

The following menus for Sept 6-9 for Vernon schools have been submitted by supervisors of food services. Menus are subject to change.


TUESDAY: Salisbury steak with gravy, whole-grain rice, sweet peas, fruit, sherbet, whole-wheat roll.

WEDNESDAY: Sloppy Joe, whole-wheat bun, potato rounds, green lima beans, fruit.

THURSDAY: Taco salad with whole-grain chips, Mexicana corn, taco salad cup, fruit, raisin bread.

FRIDAY: Barbecue baked chicken, white northern beans, broccoli rice and cheese, cantaloupe.


TUESDAY: Breakfast wrap, grapes.

WEDNESDAY: Blueberry snack waffles, cantaloupe.

THURSDAY: Cereal, cinnamon graham cracker, fruit.

FRIDAY: Biscuit, white gravy, sliced ham, grapes.