Vernon voters approve tax continuation

Published 9:54 pm Saturday, April 30, 2022

Vernon Parish voters approved the continuation of a 10 mills tax on Saturday to benefit the West Vernon Parish Waterworks District, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Of the 115 total votes cast, 73 percent, or 84 votes, were cast in favor of the tax continuation.

The tax will be levied for the next 10 years on all property subject to taxation within the district, and is expected to collect an estimated $86,650 each year.

The tax monies will be used to fund operations, maintenance and any improvement costs of the waterworks system.

Voters were split when it came to the position of Councilmen at Large for the city of DeRidder. For the percentage of Vernon Parish voters eligible to vote on the matter, an equal 29 percent, or 4 votes each, were cast for Vincent Labue, Danny Reynolds and Billy R. Spikes.

Labue and Reynolds ultimately won the election, with a combined 721 votes for Labue and 681 votes for Reynolds.

Spikes won a total of 645 votes and Lydia Reynolds received 14 percent, or two votes, in Vernon Parish, and 401 total.

Voter statistics on Saturday showed a dismal 4.2 percent of Vernon Parish voters cast their votes in this weekend’s election.