Vernon School Board adopts new district map

Published 9:49 am Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Vernon Parish School Board formally adopted its new district map on Tuesday during the board’s regular session.

The map will now be submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office for official review and acceptance.

Assistant Superintendent Mike Kay said that overall, the new map still closely resembles its predecessor with only minor adjustments made along district lines most seen in the Pickering and Rosepine areas.

Population decreases in those districts and others close to Fort Polk were recorded in the 2020 census, which prompted the requirement for redistricting.

“With those decreases we had to make representation adjustments along those lines, but really the map and districts are still very much similar to what they were before,” Kay said.

The approved map reflects a boundary change for District 3, moving its boundary to the east and in District 5, the boundary was moved slightly south.

District 2 board member Angie Davis was the only vote against the new map.

Last month when the map was introduced to the board for review, Superintendent James Williams said that while some districts experienced changes and others did not, the new district lines were drawn in an effort to appease all parties as best as possible.

“Again, it’s not something we all enjoy, but it’s something we have to do; it’s required by law every 10 years. We have to make it work for everybody,” Williams told board members in March.