Haymont named second VP of Police Jury Association

Published 1:52 pm Thursday, April 14, 2022

Vernon Parish Police Juror Kenny Haymon was named 2nd Vice President to the Police Jury Association of Louisiana recently.

Haymon was promoted without opposition and was sworn in during the association’s 98th annual convention in Lake Charles in March. He had served as the association’s 3rd Vice President for the past year.

Haymon said it was an honor for him to be named the 2nd VP of the executive board, and said he is proud to be recognized by an association that he said works hard to make a positive impact on communities throughout the state.

“The PJAL is a great organization with dedicated staff working hard for the people of Louisiana and fighting for local government’s fair share. We recommend bills that we believe would make local government more efficient. We also lobby for bills that will have a positive effect on the locals and fight vigorously against bills which will have adverse effects on the locals. Throughout the year, the association also provides services to all 64 local governments in the state. With the natural disasters the past few years, the collaboration and networking that’s been developed over the years was instrumental in getting needed services and supplies to the areas most affected. Teamwork is essential during these times,” Haymon said.

Haymon is a lifelong resident of Vernon Parish and currently resides in Leesville with his wife, Jessica and their son, Jace. He has served as District 12 police juror since January 2008.