Leesville city council issues manufactured home moratorium

Published 8:37 am Saturday, April 9, 2022

The city of Leesville has issued a moratorium to immediately suspend all manufactured home permit approvals and applications for residential developments for such within city limits.

During the March 28 city council meeting, council members approved the moratorium to allow the council to consider revisions to the city’s existing manufactured home ordinance.

“This will allow the council to research options for providing a more fair and protective measure regarding future permitted developments with manufactured homes,” Director of Planning for the city, Grant Bush stated.

Bush said the current ordinance does not take into consideration a manufactured home’s age, size or dimensions in its approval process, and the council will now have the opportunity to make such revisions if members choose to do so.

The moratorium applies to all areas within city limits, both for areas that residents request to rezone for a manufactured home and for areas already zoned for such homes.

“It essentially puts a pause across the board until the city council can make any revisions and approve them,” Bush stated.

The city council is expected to begin reviewing potential new ordinances by its regularly scheduled council meeting in May.

All applications submitted and currently paused will be expected to conform to the newly approved ordinance requirements, once the moratorium is lifted.