VPSB to introduce new district map next month

Published 2:28 pm Thursday, March 3, 2022

The Vernon Parish School Board received an update on the final draft of its proposed new district map on Thursday, one month before the board prepares to submit the document to the Secretary of State’s Office for official review and acceptance.

Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mike Kay told board members that copies of the new maps that will include district roads and boundaries are being made available to them for review ahead of voting next month. If they are formally approved by board members during April’s regular session, the maps will be submitted in time to meet the state’s submission deadline, Kay said.

The new map will align districts with population shifts that occurred in multiple areas based upon numbers recorded in the 2020 census.

Superintendent James Williams said that overall, only three districts saw a major change in population that warranted a change in district lines.

Williams said there were “minor adjustments” made to the district lines in the Pickering and Rosepine areas, but that for the most part he believed the district map closely resembles its older version. He said the district boundary for District 3 was moved to the east and in District 5 the boundary was moved slightly south.

“Other than that it seems pretty much the same, at least to me,” Williams said.

Williams addressed the board members present and acknowledged that while some experienced changes in their district and others did not, the new district lines were drawn in an effort to appease all parties as best as possible.

“Again, it’s not something we all enjoy, but it’s something we have to do; it’s required by law every 10 years… We have to make it work for everybody,” Williams said.

The new district maps will be presented for adoption by the panel on April 7, before an official vote to approve on April 12.