New Llano mayor runs unopposed, will serve another term

Published 3:48 pm Thursday, February 10, 2022

As many local municipalities prepare for the March elections, the town of New Llano will see Mayor Carolyn Todd serve another term. According to information from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, Todd is running unopposed after candidate Joseph Stafford withdrew from the race.

Todd’s first term as mayor was historic as she is the first African American mayor of New Llano.

Todd served her first term as mayor of New Llano after previous Mayor Dennis Jordan stepped down. Todd described being presented with the opportunity to serve New Llano as mayor for the past two years as “God opening a door.”

This will be Todd’s first full term as mayor and she has expressed that she seeks to accomplish “bigger and better things” with her new term.

“We’ve accomplished a lot in these past two years,” Todd said. “If I can do it in two, I know I can do more in four.”

Prior to becoming mayor, Todd served on the town council for 30 years. With her years of service on the council combined with her time in office as mayor, Todd said she is ready to serve the town and that being given the opportunity to serve a full term as mayor has been a humbling experience.

“It is exciting for me to have that experience under my belt, and I am ready to do bigger and better things for New Llano,” Todd said.

It is exciting for me to have that experience under my belt and I am ready to do bigger and better things.

Todd is not the only public official in New Llano to run unopposed. She will be joined by Council Members Charlotte Cooper, Lesley Poteat, Terry Speicher, Winfort Steward and Ervin Wilson. They also are running unopposed for their respective positions and will be elected to serve on the council.

Additionally, Todd Scott is also running unopposed for New Llano Chief of Police. All candidates will be sworn in for their new terms in July.