Mayor signs proclamation for problem gambling awareness

Published 4:28 pm Thursday, February 3, 2022

Leesville Mayor Rick Allen recently signed a proclamation to recognize the month of March as Problem Gambling Awareness month. The month is designed to raise awareness about individuals who are battling an addiction to gambling.

An excerpt from statements released by the city of Leesville reads: “Problem gambling is a public health concern affecting millions of Americans of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. It is wide-spread and may be found in many communities. Promoting awareness of the problem provides an opportunity to educate the public and policymakers about the many services that are available.”

The city of Leesville is joining with many other state organizations to recognize Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The Louisiana Association of Compulsive Gambling has recognized March as Problem Gambling Awareness month for 20 years, and continues its mission to raise awareness to this public health concern.

The LACG estimates that more than $10 billion has been wagered on basketball championship games over the years, and noted that the Problem Gambling helpline receives significantly more calls during the month of March than any other time of the year.

LACG Executive Director Janet Miller said through awareness and positive action residents can help others receive help in gambling addiction.

“Together we can help thousands of people this March to become aware and to take action towards getting help for gambling addiction,” Miller said. “We have provided free and highly successful treatment for thousands of people since 1999. Please call or text 1-877-770-STOP today to get started. We can help!”

Other organizations committed to spreading awareness include, but are not limited to the Louisiana Department of Health, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana Gaming Control Board, the Louisiana Attorney General, Louisiana Casino Association, and the Louisiana Lottery. For more information call or text 1-877-770-STOP. Information can also be found online at