BECi grant goes far in the science lab

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Beauregard Electric Cooperative Inc. recently made an impact at Rosepine High School.

Science teacher Alicia Stanford was chosen to be a recipient of the BECi Educational Grant. The grant is valued at $500, and Stanford’s students will be putting it to good use in the lab.

Stanford received the grant on Jan. 4, and in a recent release described some of the work her students were doing in the lab, and the impact the material is having on the students.

“In my class, we have learned how to record discoveries, measure temperature, measure mass, and collect data,” Stanford said. “With real life data students are able to connect science to the real world, instead of just observing.”

Stanford revealed that with the grant money the students were given the opportunity to do things in the lab that were not possible before due to limited funds and resources.

“With BECi’s donation my students were able to complete labs that I have not been able to do in the past,” Stanford said. “One of them included a separation lab; students had to use multiple tools to separate a heterogeneous mixture. They used magnets, tweezers, ring stands, and gloves to complete this task. They also had the opportunity to use fire for the first time.”