VPSO reports new scam in the area

Published 1:48 pm Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office has released details regarding a new scam targeting local residents. Multiple residents have reported they were approached by an individual attempting to sell them gold jewelry.

The VPSO released the following information regarding the scam:

“VPSO has received information relating to a scam taking place within the parish. Citizens are being approached at convenience stores by persons attempting to sell what they describe as an 18 karat gold ring. The individual states that they are trying to get home for the holidays. It is insinuated that they are down on their luck and mention that they have children. They ask for $100 in exchange for the ring.”

“Several individuals have purchased rings and taken them to local jewelry stores for appraisal. The ring turns out to be costume jewelry and is not worth the value as claimed by the scammers.”

The VPSO asks residents to contact them to report any suspicious activity by calling them at 337-238-1311.