Acadian Ambulance offering accelerated programs

Published 5:14 pm Friday, December 17, 2021

With an unprecedented amount of calls over the recent two years, and no signs of slowing, Acadian Ambulance officials are offering new accelerated programs to anyone who might be interested in a career in EMS.

While traditionally, EMT-basic classes have taken four months to complete, the new accelerated program offers the EMT certification in a seven-week course.

Lindsey Leger is a recruiter with Acadian Ambulance for the Southwest Louisiana area, and she said the opportunity for anyone interested in beginning their career as an EMT is a chance that should be taken advantage of.

“We are now offering to hire people when they are enrolled, and so you are basically being paid to go to class right now,” Leger said.

The next accelerated classes begin Jan. 10, with a deadline to apply of Dec. 23, so Leger stressed that time is of the essence for anyone considering the opportunity.

Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and completion will include the signing of a 2 year contract with Acadian Ambulance.

“There is nothing out of pocket for applicants to pay. When they graduate, they will be a fully functioning EMT,” Leger said.

Leger has been with Acadian Ambulance for five years, and she said the career opportunities are virtually endless once a basic EMT certification is achieved.

“I tell everyone this is the first step in an incredibly rewarding career. From an EMT-basic certification, a person can go on to become certified as a paramedic. From there, they can specialize in critical care and even on to serve with the air med team. I’ve even seen people use this as a stepping stone for medical school. There is just so much room for growth once you begin,” she said.

Leger said Acadian Ambulance, as well as many other emergency medical services, are seeing an incredible growth in the need of their services, and a demand for more medics to help fill that need.

To illustrate that demand, Leger reported that on Friday, Dec. 10, Acadian Ambulance received 150 emergency calls and had 50 scheduled transports, all within the southwest region.

“More and more people are calling 911, and we are in need of more medics to respond to those calls,” Leger said.

Anyone interested the accelerated program, or other programs, can visit to apply.