Beauregard Health System Foundation Spotlight

Published 5:12 pm Friday, October 15, 2021

Meet Leon Lagneaux, Business Honor Society Chair:

Originally from Lafayette, Leon and his family moved to DeRidder in 1997 for a job opportunity. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Recruitment & Development for AMERISAFE. Leon has been active in our community over the years with various volunteer efforts. He served on the Board of Directors of BeauCARE, served as Co-Chair of the Louisiana Economic Development Ready Community project, served as Chair for the Beauregard Parish Courthouse Renovation Committee, former President of the Beauregard Chamber of Commerce, recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Mayor of DeRidder, and honored as King of Mardi Gras by the Women’s League. Leon is also a long-time member of Beauregard-Vernon Sunrise Rotary Club. Leon currently serves on the board of the SWLA Chamber & Economic Alliance.

Leon Lagneaux

Leon’s Why:

"Joining the Beauregard Health System Foundation as the Business Honor Society Chair was a very easy decision. I have come to love this community and proud to call it home. We have the opportunity to build a world-class Emergency Department, which will be the finest facility in this region. This will be a legacy to our children and grandchildren and for generations to come. As our community continues to grow with new businesses, we will be able to better meet the needs of the lucky families moving here, attract more great doctors and nurses, reduce wait times and enhance services for our community. Our current Emergency Department was designed to handle around 13,000 – 14,000 patients annually but is currently serving more than 20,000 patients a year. I guess the real question is 'Why Not'."

If you would like to make a donation or want more information on how you can make an impact in our community, please visit our website at or call our Foundation Office at 337-462-7155.

This article originally appeared on Leesville Daily Leader: Beauregard Health System Foundation Spotlight