Local church donates to Veterans Place

Published 6:20 am Saturday, November 14, 2020

Reverend Joseph Garner of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church presents a $5000 check to Quentin and Jacqueline Murray of Veterans Place.

The sun was shining bright on the generosity of one local church. On Nov. 10, Reverend Joseph Garner of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church donated $5000 to Veterans Place. Garner noted that they were inspired by all the help Veterans Place gave to the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

"We saw the help that they [Veterans Place] gave people in the community," Garner said. "It was so commendable, so we wanted to do something to show them how much we appreciate their service."

Veterans Place is a nonprofit organization in Leesville designed to serve veterans in the community with whatever needs they may have. Founders Quentin and Jacqueline Murray rode out Hurricane Laura so they could be ready to help others immediately after the storm. It was estimated that after the hurricane, they served over 500,000 meals to people in the local community. They were also able to help out other parishes in need during the crisis. 

Quentin Murray expressed that it was important to both him and Jacqueline to look out for the community and to be ready to put boots on the ground in the aftermath of Laura. He said: "When you don't think anybody is looking, someone is looking."

He further expressed that none of the help would have been possible without the help of their staff and volunteers.

Veterans Place takes pride in the numerous services it provides to veterans in the local community. Services include providing meals, counseling, benefit application assistance, referrals, transportation, and so much more. Veterans Place is dedicated to helping veterans navigate life after the army, and to ensure they get what they need. 

Quentin Murray said: "We do quite a bit for the veterans in our community. We are going to do everything possible here to make sure that everybody is comfortable and that their needs are met."

Rev. Garner expressed his pride in being able to help out Veterans Place. Garner also noted that the work Veterans Place does means a lot to him personally because they have many veterans in their congregation at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. 

Garner said: "We know that freedom ain't free, so we thank all of our military service members for the sacrifices they've given so that we can have the freedom we enjoy. This is one of the ways we can show them how much we appreciate them. We have several veterans in our church, and we know first hand the importance of veterans towards making our community the great place that it is." 

Jacqueline Murray expressed her gratitude for the donation and support. She commended Rev. Garner for his leadership and his ability to preach the word of God in a manner that everyone can understand it. The support from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church meant a lot to her because she shared a spiritual milestone at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church when she was baptized there.

Jacqueline Murray said: "I just want to thank Pleasant Hill for honoring us. I was baptized at Pleasant Hill under Reverend Harrison. I just want to thank Reverend Garner for coming and helping us help others in the community."

To donate to Veterans Place or to learn more about them, log on to veteransplace.yolasite.com.

This article originally appeared on Leesville Daily Leader: Local church donates to Veterans Place