A moment in History: Henry S. Thibodaux, Louisiana's short term Governor

Published 6:19 am Saturday, November 14, 2020

Governor Henry S. Thibodaux

Nov. 15 marks a unique milestone in Louisiana history. It is the beginning of the historic term of Governor Henry S. Thibodaux in 1824. His first and only term as Governor lasted less than a month, making his term the shortest in state history. 

Thibodaux's time as Governor of Louisiana came when Governor Thomas B. Robertson resigned to accept a position as a Federal Judge. Thibodaux would serve as Governor for 28 days until Henry Johnson was elected to the position. 

Prior to being Governor, Thibodaux served in the Louisiana State Senate from 1812 to 1824. At one point during this time, Thibodaux even served as President of the Senate, which led to his eventual rise to the Governor's Office.

Prior to Louisiana becoming a state, Thibodaux served one term on the Orleans Territorial Legislature in 1805, as well as becoming as Justice of the Peace for the Lafourche Territory in 1808.

Thibodaux would try to become Governor again, but he sadly passed away while on the campaign trail in 1827. 

Perhaps his biggest legacy is the city of Thibodaux, Louisiana, which is named in his honor. Henry S. Thibodaux owned a plantation in Lafourche Parish, and gave land to form the center of the village. While it was originally named Thibodauxville, it was shortened to Thibodaux in 1838.

This article originally appeared on Leesville Daily Leader: A moment in History: Henry S. Thibodaux, Louisiana's short term Governor