Leesville releases info regarding damaged structure cleanup

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, October 1, 2020

The City of Leesville has released info regarding damaged structure cleanup.

The City of Leesville has released the following information regarding cleanup of damaged structures within the floodplain:

1. Repairs to damaged buildings located within the City of Leesville floodplain require a Substantial Damage Assessment (SDE) and a permit from the City of Leesville building department and/or the City of Leesville Floodplain Administrator.

You must have a SDE determination and obtain a Floodplain Development Permit from (community name) before you repair, alter, or replace any of the following items:

A. Roof 

B. Walls 

C. Siding 

D. Plaster

E. Cabinets

F. Flooring

G. Electrical Systems

H. Plumbing 

I. Heating

J. Air Conditioning

K. Foundation

2. You must obtain a Substantial Damage Assessment before you repair the above items.  The permit office must conduct a damage assessment of the building.  This inspection will determine if a structure is more than 50% damaged (substantially damaged).  If a structure is found to be substantially damaged, the structure may not be repaired until compliance with the local floodplain ordinance is demonstrated. It is imperative that the community’s Floodplain Administrator is contacted prior to taking any actions to repair damage related to the flood.

3.   You may proceed with cleanup activities and temporary emergency repairs to prevent further deterioration, such as preventing the spread of mold and/or mildew, without a permit.  These include:

a.   Removing and disposing of damaged contents, carpeting, wallboard, and insulation. 

b.   Hosing and scrubbing, or cleaning floors, walls, and ductwork.

c.   Covering holes in roofs or walls and covering windows to prevent the weather from inflicting further damage.

d.   Removing sagging ceilings, shoring up broken foundations, and other actions to make the building safe to enter.

Prior to proceeding with cleanup activities that are allowed without a permit, thoroughly document the condition of the building by photographing the inside and outside of all areas that are being affected by the cleanup/emergency repairs.

NOTE: Building repairs and structural improvements are not allowed without and SDE determination and a permit from the local floodplain administrator. For more information contact Floodplain Administrator Grant Bush at 337-404-4078, or contact Building Inspector William McShane at 337-404-4081.

This article originally appeared on Leesville Daily Leader: Leesville releases info regarding damaged structure cleanup