Skyla Leigh Fisher

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 28, 2013

Skyla Leigh Fisher, 13, joined God and his angels
on Aug. 25, 2013.
Memorial service for Skyla and her mother was held at 7 p.m. on Sept. 4 at Park Springs Bible Church, 5515 Park Springs Blvd., Arlington, Texas.
It is requested that, in lieu of flowers, contributions be made
in memory of Skyla to or
was born in Minneapolis, Minn., on Feb. 6, 2000, to Joshua B. Fisher and Kelly Melick Spielman. From a very early age, everyone who knew Skyla realized that she was an extraordinary child. She had a positive influence on all those who knew her and
strived to have a real impact on others’ lives. Her smile was infectious and she made others around her feel comfortable as she was chosen by her school, Kennedale Junior High School, to show new seventh-grade students the “ropes” at their new
school. They left with a new friend. Thoughtful, caring, inquisitive, helpful, sensitive, creative and loving describes Skyla. Even though she was on this earth for only a few years, God decided that she had served his purpose and wanted her to join
the other angels in heaven.
The arts, reading, writing, drawing, learning, helping others, fellowship and family were the focus of Skyla’s love. She was very involved in her church, Park Springs Bible Church, and looked forward to
Wednesdays and Sundays when she could participate in various activities with her friends. Helping those in need was a priority of Skyla’s as evidenced by her involvement in various charitable programs. Never pretentious, Skyla always cared more about
the needs of others than she did about acquiring material things for herself. She was also dedicated to her school activities, spending untold hours reading and reading and then reading some more.
Excelling in school was not done just to
make her parents proud, but done also because she simply wanted to do her best and she loved to learn. Skyla was already talking about college, had begun thinking about schools that she had an interest in and had recently indicated that she thought
she may want to be a teacher. Her leaning in this direction was influenced by the satisfaction she felt in helping her brother, Riley, prepare for the first grade.
Skyla was keenly aware of world activities, could discuss politics with
anyone and had an opinion or a position on most issues. Yet she could still be a little girl. That was Skyla. It would be very difficult for any individual to balance the priorities of life and accomplish what she was able to do in 13 short years.
Skyla was exceptional in every aspect and has left a lasting impression on all who knew her.
Skyla joins her mother, Kelly Melick Spielman; grandfather, Charles Roozen; great-grandmother, Ruth J. Fisher; great-grandmother, Sharon Melick;
great-grandfather, Howard Melick; and many other family members in heaven.
The Rose, “Its delicate petals fade into an untraceable pattern, each one becoming part of a larger image. From pale yellow to soft pink, the hues create beauty
from subtleness and its innocence is captivating. Magnificence is being presented.” – Skyla Fisher, 2010.
Survivors include her father, Joshua Fisher; stepfather, P.J. Spielman; brother, Riley Spielman; grandparents, Sandra and Ken Fisher,
Jean Roozen, Bill and Cheryl Spielman; great-grandfather, John Roozen; great-grandmother, Dolores Esposito; uncles and aunts, Seth and Amy Fisher, Sean and Madeline Roozen, and Charles Roozen; and numerous cousins and other family.